Ocean County Powersports | Customer Spot Light

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with ecommerce manager Ed Allen from Ocean County Powersports, who tells us about his experience selling his products on eBay. Ocean County Powersports has been selling online since 2014 and has sold Millions of dollars of products online.

Hey Ed, could you please tell me about your business Ocean County Powersports, your customers, and what you sell? 
The Business is actually owned by Scott Barnikow. We specialize in the powersports industry selling Motorcycle, Atv, Side by Side, and Slingshot parts and accessories. The franchises we carry are Honda, Polaris, Can am and Suzuki. We are extremely fortunate to have customers buying from us from all over the world, sometimes multiple times.

What platforms are your currently selling your products on?
The majority of our sales come from ebay. We currently have two stores up and running. We also have an online store www.ocpparts.com .

What are your future goal?
For the second half of 2017, we have a few goals in mind to accomplish. The first goal is to stretch the business out on other selling platforms, Amazon being top priority.
We are also looking at a goal to have 40,000 active ebay listings in our original ebay store. Currently we are at 21,000 so we have alot of work to do, but should be able to reach that goal.

How many packages do you ship a day and who are you primarily using to ship?
At this time of year we are shipping around 120-150 packages daily. In the busiest months we ship anywhere from 150-225 packages daily. Unites States Postal Service (USPS) is our choice for shipping most of our shipments, with UPS being used to ship our larger items.

How many employees did you start with and how many do you have now?
In 2014 it started with just me. We actually found a desk that was being thrown away in the garbage, and an old computer. That was the setup for the first 2 months. Since then we have grown to 5 full-time employees, and 1 part time. I cannot say enough good things about the team here. Everyone works so hard to make this thing come together.

Where are you located?
We work out of an 8000 square foot warehouse in Toms River, separate from the main store. The main store has all the major stock units, parts, service, and accounting. The store was just not large enough to meet the demands for an online division, so we had to rent a warehouse.

What are some tips you could give to growing or new sellers to E-Commerce?
  • If you are thinking about selling online, I would have to say you need to have a plan. A good start would be to find other sellers out there who have already accomplished what you are trying to achieve  Maybe find a coach? Go on youtube, and watch videos of others who are selling online. Get into a network. Join a facebook group. It is amazing what you can learn, even from the newest online entrepreneurs.
  • Second tip would be when it is time to grow, surround yourself with a good team. The team we have here comes second to none. 
  • Third and most important tip is to, never forget customer service. This has been a struggle. It is different when not face to face with a customer. It took years to figure out the best method to taking care of the customer. We currently do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. After making a few tweaks on our store, we are currently sitting a zero negative ratings out of 700. A 99.5% satisfaction rate. Making the customer the #1 priority comes first, then everything else just kind of falls into place. 


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