A NEW and BIGGER Location :)

We have moved our facility and more than tripled our size. We are still located in Toms River, NJ. The address is:

14 Cosmo Court
Toms River, NJ 08757
This facility has allowed us to carry a stock more appropriate for our clients and businesses who rely on us. Over the last two years we have been growing faster than we can keep up with. We are primarily an E-Commerce company currently so we do not get the opportunity to interact with all of you directly, but you are appreciated. All though we try and portray a big operation as we compete with giants in this arena this whole operation is run by the two owners who started it all. We are packing and shipping all your items and answering phone calls and messages daily. Over the next year we are going to expand out our product line and bring in a larger corrugated box line, stretch wrap, rigid mailers, more sizes of ziplocks, more sizes of suffocation bags, and more options for tape. Our goal is to offer a full catalog at the same wholesale pricing of all the products we currently stock. This is a tough task we know, but we will work to bring all these items to you at the most affordable rate possible. Thank you again for all your patience as you grow with us and if you ever have any questions regarding shipping or e-commerce do NOT hesitate to reach out as Eric and I are always here 732-506-3165.
-Fred Ecke